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NACE tourism

Ventrex implemented the concept of NACE TOURISM as the main frame work of our company. The framework act as a an effort to make Ventrex a highly competitive and sustainable bumiputra’s company in the current development of eco-tourism in Malaysia

4 principle of NACE tourism:

  • Nature
  • Advanture
  • Culture
  • Eco-Tourism


Focuses on finding the uniqueness of nature as well as the endemic of that particular area, this is for it to be introduced and developed in such a way that it minimize the impact on the beauty of the nature, so that it could be come an attaction for the local and foreign tourist to come to Malaysia in particular Perak


Implementation method that target enthusiasts of rugged and challenging activity. Selection of activity are based on short duration implimentation for activity such as hiking, high rope sports, water sports and etc.


To introduce and prmote the culture of the local commnuity  while supporting our 3 more principles that we highlighted.


  1. To reduce the negetive impact to the environment and culture.
  2. emphasising on local economy and culture.
  3. to educate the community on the importance of conservation.
  4. to plan and prevent development which are above the social and environmental capacity.
  5. to stress on the usage of facilities and eminities provided locally.
  6. to conserve the environment even with the pressure of heavy mordernization/development activity


We started on 2015 with some small but solidly organized hiking activities consisting of 2-3 pax of people. in 2016, we started by registering our company, the intention of establishing the company was initially to provide our firends with some opportunity and proper job, with iniatially single person the company now have more than 15 team member and growing. Our company focuses on recruiting local talent giving them training and certification to run the activity and giving them the base to be sustainable. we will keep on finding and exploring the land of perak and producing even more product while protecting and conserving the environment and nature.


  • Our vision are based on “Nature, Advanture, Calture and Eco-Tourism” to develop and provide tourism activity, exploration, recreation and programme that are based on the core value of education, experience and journey which emphasis on activity around Perak.


  • Collaborating with all operator and supporting local activities.
  • attracting and promoting to younger generation and youth on recreational activities as a future career.
  • Generating experienced staff/moderator specialized in one activity.
  • Creating opportunity to the local based on advancement of eco-tourism market.

Our Team

Mohd Fadly Md Noor



Siti Najwa Mokhtar



Irwan Ahmad

Rock Climbing Leader


Awangku Jaafarizam

Survival & Jungle


Mohd Zairis

High Rope Leader



River Explorer Leader


Muhammad Ruzaimin

Cave Explorer Leader


Awards & Achievements

malaysia book of record 

Malaysia tourism excellence business certification

certified compliance guideline for covid-19 “Comply and apply”